Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast BC

Acupressure, Qi Healing & Teas

Our Qi healing, Qi massage and Qi acupressure techniques are based on the teachings of renowned Taoist masters. I can purify, open and balance your meridian points/chakras. I can facilitate the healing of ANY health issues including the ones which are not treatable by other healers.

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About Wesley

In my journey as a spiritual Buddhist, I discovered strong connections between the 3 aspects: meditation, tea culture and holistic wellness. Driven by my compassion to change lives, I started this business to promote the 3 divine aspects.


Caring makes us truly happy because deep inside we know that we are just pure energy of love, we are all connected in spirit and we are all ONE!

How I Care With 5 Qi elements

To help you end sufferings and make you truly happy, I bring you holistic wellness by offering the 5 Qi (High Energy) elements:

  • Qi Healings
  • Qi Products & Super Teas
  • Qi-Gong & Meditation Workshops
  • Qi Lifestyle Coaching
  • Qi Community

All other wellness centres only offer one or two things from the above list. No one offers the complete holistic list like above.

I am a holistic Qi lifestyle super centre which offers all the 5 Qi elements, needed to perfect your body, mind & spirit.

In addition, the content of my 5 Qi elements is one of a kind and immensely powerful; No one offers the same kind and strength of Qi healing, Qi products/teas, Qi-gong/ meditation sessions, Qi coaching & Qi community like I do.

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