How I Have Evolved To Promote Tea Culture & Care With 5 Qi Holistic Elements

Since I was little, I always looked for the meaning of life. Finally I found it in Buddhism and its meditation. 

In my journey as a spiritual Buddhist, I discovered strong connections between the 3 aspects: meditation, tea culture and holistic wellness.

Driven by my compassion to change lives, I created my business “I CARE Qi Healing and Tea World” to promote the 3 divine aspects.

The 3 aspects work together like this: 

Chinese monks found tea drinking very much helped them become clear, calm and grounded so they could easily meditate. As a result, monks started Mindful Tea Culture.

And this tea culture is the essence of holistic wellness for the reason below: super teas (not available in conventional stores and are only known by Chinese tea connoisseurs) have the highest vibrations in the herbal kingdom!

Mindful Tea Culture means the following:

(1) When you PRAY in a tea ceremony first before drinking super tea, you are READY to become ONE with tea’s high vibration.

(2) As you DRINK tea mindfully in a ceremony, you physically and spiritually become ONE with tea’s amazing energy; your level of energy becomes high overall.

(3) With a high level of energy overall, you see no point living lives with bad energies such as eating bad, lacking exercises, addicting to too much technology & drugs. Instead you choose to embrace holistic lifestyles for body, mind & spirit.

In summary, Super teas have a highly meditative/grounding energy which inspired monks to create Mindful Tea Culture which in turns helps people embrace Holistic Lifestyles which focus on 5 Qi (High Energy) elements.

In other words, tea culture is the means to promote and reinforce the 5 elements of holistic lifestyles. By drinking tea mindfully with the help of a tea ceremony, one will naturally embrace the 5 Qi (High Energy) elements:

  1. Qi healing
  2. Using Qi products/ eating Qi foods
  3. Qigong/ pure meditations
  4. Qi coaching from Qi masters
  5. Making Qi friends in a Qi community

My life mission is to enrich people physically & spiritually.

That is why my shop has incredible teas, herbs, crystals & energy products that offer life-changing results for body, mind & spirit.

In the future, my shop will have spiritual teachers and me holding workshops showing people:

How to meditate, eat balanced Qi foods, do Qi exercises and live lives in the most harmonious and meaningful way. 

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