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Qi Healing, Machines & Medicine

Qi Healing, Machines & Medicine

Qi Healing

My Qi healing services include:

  1. Qi healing
  2. Qi massage
  3. Qi acupressure
  4. Qi needle-free acupuncture
  5. Use of Qi machines (They emit energies such as infrared heat, negative ions, magnetic energies, photon, pemf and crystal energies.)
  6. Guidance of meditation/Qigong
  7. Recommendations of Qi products/herbs

The foundation of My Qi healing is based on the daily holistic accumulation of Qi from connecting my body, mind & spirit with nature.

  • I eat balanced super vegan foods daily.
  • I do Taoist Qigong and Taichi daily.
  • I have done many long-term retreats and do intensive Buddhist meditations daily for the last 20 years.
  • I use all my Qi products, herbs and machines daily to stay highly energized and balanced.

Ultimately, I care about all beings immensely all my life. That immense care of mine allows me to develop the best ways to build Qi and do miracle healings.

My Qi healing, Qi massage and Qi acupressure are based on the teachings of renowned Taoist masters

I can purify, open and balance your meridian points/chakras. I can facilitate the healing of ANY health issues including the ones which are not treatable by other healers. Trying is believing! Now trying is free!

Anyone can take energy courses to call him or herself a healer but: How much does your healer meditate? How healthy does your healer eat? How much Qi exercise does your healer do? How compassionate is your healer? Can your healer do miracles?

No one in town offers the same extent and qualities of Qi product/healing like I do. 

You don’t need to believe me. Just come and experience mind-blowing healing miracles yourself for free.

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