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Qi Teas & Brewing Way

Qi Teas & Brewing Way

My Passion to Promote Divine Teas

My rare artisan teas are truly divine in flavor & health benefits.

My teas are immensely satisfying to body, mind & soul.

It is my our passion to help you appreciate our exquisite collection and make a profound difference.

Our Popular Non-Flavored Pure White & Green Teas

Our Popular Non-Flavored Pure Oolong, Black & Puer Teas

Our Popular Flavored Rooibos, Yerba Mate & Black Teas

Our Popular Flavored Green & White Teas

Tea Brewing Method for Oolong & Puer

Our life mission is to enrich people physically & spiritually.

That is why my shop has incredible teas, herbs, crystals & energy products that offer life-changing results for body, mind & spirit.

In the future, my shop will have spiritual teachers and me holding workshops showing people:

How to meditate, eat balanced Qi foods, do Qi exercises and live lives in the most harmonious and meaningful way. 

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